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Welcome to the new Lameco Astig Combative Newsletter and blog. Here you will find monthly updates on events, topics, training methods, articles and member schools. We are excited to see Lameco Astig Combatives grow throughout the USA, Canada, South America and Europe. During the past decade Guro Roger has traveled the globe teaching his art, developing schools of dedicated students and producing world-class Lameco Astig Combatives Instructors.



Fort Worth TX, Hosted by Tim McFatridge


   Toronto Canada Hosted by Cha Linnen and Steve Kus

Two great seminars in two fantastic locations. On March 30th, Guro Roger returned to Fort Worth, Texas and taught an outstanding seminar on single-stick and edge weapon combatives. Guro Tim McFatridge, Full Instructor in Astig Combatives,  hosted the event and more than 50 people attended the two-day seminar.

Guro Roger then headed north to Toronto Canada. Guro Cha Linnen and Guro Steve Kus hosted a strong group of participants who sparred, grappled and disarmed each other for a great two-day seminar.

Seminars in Lameco Astig Combatives focus on GESABIL and drills that are Functional, Universally Simplistic and Can Be Done In Real Time. Attendees always have a great time, laugh, gain a better understanding of Astig and the training is always HARDCORE !


For those who are new to Lameco Astig Combatives below are a few links that give some interesting history on PG Edgar Sulite, his art of Lameco and Guro Roger Agbulos’ journey in Lameco and the development of  Astig Combatives.  We hope you enjoy them.

More on PG Edgar Sulite and Lameco


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The foundation of Guro Roger’s art is the GESABIL. GESABIL is an acronym that reflects the 7 point stance of ASTIG Combatives. It is the heart and soul of the art. Below is the breakdown for GESABIL:


1) G – Grip relaxed

2) E – Elbows intact (close to the body)

3) S – Shoulder’s angled (not square)

4) A – Alive hand in place ( like a boxer’s position)

5) B – Bent knees (for explosive mobility)

6) I – Imaginary triangle for the footwork (dominant foot forward)

7) L – Load distribution (ideal weight on dominant foot is 60%, back is 40%)

If you throw a jab/cross combination you start with proper form, good balance and structure…after you throw your combination you must return back to the ready position with the same proper form, good balance and structure…This is GESABIL !

The GESABIL,  7 point stance, is the core of all things ASTIG. The 7 points will provide each practitioner with an effective fighting form.  Once it has been learned, the principles and philosophy of GESABIL will  carry over to all combat skills regardless of style.

GESABIL is your beginning form. GESABIL is your ending form. All movement evolves from GESABIL and all movement return to GESABIL. There are no exceptions and you should practice it daily.

Training The GESABIL:


* Solo Static In The Air: Get in your GESABIL and using the Hammer Principal execute  a single Centro Strike with your stick or training blade. Do not raise the elbow. Do not extend the arm to far forward. You are focusing on maintaining GESABIL before and after striking. Complete numerous reps. Go for time or sets. Repeat for Abierto and Serrada Strikes.

* Solo with Footwork: Add a single step forward, add a single step backwards. Each time executing a Centro Strike. Continue with a single stepping and add two Centro Strikes both forward and back. Repeat for Abierto and Serrada Strikes.

* Partner Drills: Repeat the above drills but have  a partner hold a stick horizontally in both hands at chest level. Strike the stick both statically and with forward and back movement. Strike with the last two inches of your stick. After each strike, return to GESABIL. Repeat with Abierto and Serrada strikes.

These are just a few fundamental drills that can be done to develop, reinforce  and improve your GESABIL. Work them and create your own drills.

Once perfected, your GESABIL will provide you with a simplistic, effective, yet powerful tool to grow and expand in the art of Lameco Astig Combatives.

Golden Gate Championships


Congratulations to Nor Cal Team of Daniel Eggert, Krystiana Dela Cuadra and Michael Academia for winning 1st place in the Team Event, at the Golden Gate Stick Fighting Championships, held on April 3rd in Santa Clara CA. All three Athletes train at Nor Cal JKD Kali Academy in Redwood City CA.  Another NorCal team member, Jason Bradley, took 2nd place in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Heavy Weight Division.

They credit their training with Guro Roger and Astig Combatives as their winning formula for taking 1st place! Their coach Brenda King says “The core of our stick fighting syllabus is Lameco Astig Combatives. The drills of Astig are direct, simplistic and economize motion. We add Labon Laro partner drills and spar spar spar. Lameco Astig Combatives has given our athletes THE road map for  success in both self defense and  the weapon’s based sports of Escrima.” A big Congratulations To Team Nor Cal !!

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Train Astig And Train It HARDCORE !!